Етикет: Teaching Spelling

Annotation “Teaching Spelling: An Opportunity to Unveil the Logic of Language” by Louisa Moats

In her article Louisa Moats looks into the problematic nature of English spelling and highlights the importance of adopting Structured Literacy practices in teaching and learning spelling as a central part of language instruction. The article provides valuable insights regarding the significance of spelling and its potential to reveal major linguistic principles of language acquisition.
Dr Moats’ in-depth familiarity with the subject stems from her extensive career as a researcher and practitioner in the fields of education and psychology. An award winning contributor to the field of reading disabilities, she delves into the subject of spelling the challenges it poses, proposing structured teaching methods oriented towards maximising the efficiency of the instruction process. A special emphasis is laid on the interrelatedness of the linguistic skills and the special place of spelling within the linguistic framework.

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