Етикет: Tom Wolfe

курсова работа Tom Wolfe, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test – Analysis

The world-building elements such as real people’s names and locations, make for a rich and vivid textual world while various stylistic devices lend fragmented surreleastic experience of reality. Through the factual references to the discourse world it has been brought close to the textual world, to the point of convergence and mutual permeability. Hyperbolic descriptions, for instance, highlight certain aspects of reality that fascilitate the interpretation of the main ideas. Thus the physical activity of the man with the hammer, with its exaggerated lightness and swiftness of movement, for example are employed to emphasise the ideas of strength and skill, embodied in his image – „…his arms and legs kicking out the whole time and his shoulders rolling and his head bobbing, all in a jerky beat…”
Multiple references to other works and famous characters serve as transitory elements building a complex, multi-faceted image of the situation that is being described. The allusions enhance the intertextual significance of the text and provide it with additional layers of meaning.

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