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When it comes to the notion of the clause in English we must bear in mind that any linguistic terminology is far from universal and very often trying to supply a definite description of a term brings along more questions. 91 What constitutes a clause in English must be determined by looking at the concept from various perspectives and we should consider the views of different authors. There are distinctions also based on the grammatical school and type of grammar (formal, functional, etc.) we are taking into account.
It would be useful to first draw a line of demarcation between a clause and a sentence, the latter being of more fuzzy nature and often broadly defined as the highest syntactic unit in English. Clause on the other hand might be seen as both a simple sentence (independent clauses, in particular) and a constituent in the complex sentence (dependent/subordinate clauses).

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The Role of English in Asia and Europe

Despite their differences in terms of social, cultural, political and economic development the continents of Europe and Asia share a common characteristic that has influenced their history throughout the centuries – their diversity. A conspicuous feature of Eurasia is the wide variety of cultures, which is most explicitly reflected in the linguistic diversity of those territories. The close proximity of a large number of politically and culturally distinct regions presupposes the need for intense supranational contacts in all spheres of human activity – economics, politics, art and culture, etc. The adoption of a common language of international communication seems vital and English being one of the most widely spoken languages all over the world appears to be a natural choice.

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