Етикет: Сугестопедия

Комуникативен подход. Обучение чрез съветване. Тих подход. Метод на цялостната физическа реакция. Сугестопедия. Естествен подход. Дидактика на многоезичието.

1. Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) marks a major shift in language teaching theory and practice which dates back to the 1960s. It represents a major change from the previously established Situational Language Teaching (SLT). As a result of Chomsky’s criticism of the traditionally employed structural views of language acquisition, the need arose for a new teaching approach that would be consistent with two innate characteristics of human language: the creativity and uniqueness of individual sentences as well as the functional and communicative potential of language. Therefore, it became essential to develop a teaching method that would focus on developing communicative proficiency rather than knowledge of language structures. Subsequently, the CLT was developed and two versions of it have been widely incorporated in foreign language teaching. The weak version highlights the significance of enabling learners to use their adopted communicative skills in situational contexts and practical activities, while the strong version postulates that the language skills are acquired and developed in the process of communication and therefore, involves the activation of inert linguistic knowledge. They are often described as “learning to use” and “using to learn” respectively (Richards & Rodgers, 1999; Littlewood, 2013)

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