Етикет: социокултурни аспекти

Курсова задача Социокултурни аспекти на превода

From wife-carrying in Surrey to cheese-rolling in the Cotswolds, these are some of the quirkiest traditions and village pastimes still alive and well in England today.
Apparently we are a nation of weirdos. To anyone who grew up in England – particularly in a small village in England – there is nothing at all strange about dressing up in ribbons and bells and hitting sticks together in public, or chasing a large cheese down a steep hill, or setting fire to things and running around with them, trying not to get burned.
To outsiders, this is weird. This is wacky. These quirky customs and pastimes, with their roots in customs dating back to the middle ages, are the last bastions of English eccentricity – and are often just a little bit dangerous, too. Third-degree burns, dropping your wife on her head, or knocked out with a wellington boot is all part of the fun. Warning: may contain morris dancing.

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